14 mulheres que mostraram seu corpo pós-parto e temos orgulho delas

Estrias, pele flácida e uma barriga irregular – o corpo pós-parto da mulher real não parece tão poético quanto poderiam descrevê-lo nos livros. Na realidade, seus corpos representam o incrível ato de trazer nova vida a este mundo. E todas essas dificuldades e dores não importam mais quando elas veem o rosto do recém-nascido. Admiramos as mães por sua dedicação aos filhos e sentimos o desejo de compartilhar suas fotos com você, que elas mostraram sem medo e com orgulho ao mundo inteiro, de como seus corpos ficaram depois de dar à luz!









To ja. Porozsciagana skora, widoczne blizny po cc, jedynie rozstepy mnie ominęly..ktore akurat uwazam za urocze💗 …do tego mam jeszcze pare kilo za duzo i dopiero od kilku miesięcy checi, sile i czas zeby cos z tym robic. . ❣Po pierwszej ciazy mialam trudnosci z zaakceptowaniem zmian.. dopiero z czasem sie tego nauczylam. Druga ciaza rowniez sie odznaczyl na moim brzuchu, ale bylam juz na to przygotowana, dlatego mnie to juz tak nie dotknelo… Zaakceptowalam zmiany. Pokochałam swoje blizny i porozsciaganą skórę 💗 . . Dlatego ten post kieruje do wszystkich mam. Jesteś mamą, jesteś piękna! 💗I nie jesteś sama !💗😃 . . A Ty zaakceptowałaś swoje ciało po ciąży? A może nie miałaś z tym żadnych problemów? ❤ . . 🌛Spijcie dobrze i zbierajcie siły na nadchodzący tydzień 😃😃😃 #mamabyc #postpartumbodylove #selflove #macierzyństwo #mamadwojki #instamatkaicórka #matkaidziecko #matkapolka #matkawariatka #kochamnadzycie #mojezycie #mateczki #dlamamy #ciaza2019 #rodzew2020 #rodzew2019 #urodzilamw2019 #mamaisyn #synekmamusi #synuś #coreczki #mama #mamazaparatem #mamabloger #mamawdwupaku #mlodamama #fotografiadziecieca #kokosowamama
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Time will push you to your limits, faster than you want it to, aging you in ways that make you ache, slow down, grow tired and weak. Laugh. Walk. Eat. Drink. Dance. Garden. Skip. Make an effort and stop time. Stand beneath a rainshower, let yourself become completely drenched. Nap under a tree, when the rest of the world goes to work. Get on a bicycle and go for a cruise. Drink that wine or milkshake slower than you ever thought you could… savour each drop. Babies will suck your energy up. Children will treat your body like a jungle gym, bruising your skin, and pulling your muscles. Jobs will have you sitting indoors for too long. Partners may take you for granted. Friends will be under the illusion that they are too busy for simpler times spent together. Musical instruments will sit in their cases, forgotten. Hair will go unwashed. First dates will be boring and waste your time. Lovers will rip your heart out and put you through emotional hell and back, leaving you gutted, insecure and distrusting. Labor and birth and early motherhood will be painful, hard and depleting; leaving you with a body you may not know so well, or feel so good about. The path of adulthood is textured and often, uphill. But. ❤ You are incredible. You are soft, and precious. Giving, and nurturing. Beautiful and sensual. 🔥❤You are worth honouring.❤🔥 🔥❤You are worth loving.❤🔥 🔥❤Stop for a moment, and love yourself.❤🔥 Repeat x infinity.
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I used to weigh myself every morning. I would always make sure to go to the bathroom first. There would be a rush of anxiety as the scale blinked while I stared down in anticipation. It was the moment that would depict how I approached my day. Would I be positive and embrace the day happily because the number was a whole .1 lower than yesterday morning? Or would I angrily start brushing my teeth and threaten myself to only eat a salad for today because the number was a whole .1 higher than yesterday? This was how I lived. It was destroying me. And I was completely convinced that this was the only way to be happy. This was the only way I would get to where I was supposed to be in order to become a mother. I repeated to myself that the only way to be happy was to be skinny. So I lost weight. And it never felt like it was enough. I worked out only to lose weight, rather than the way I do now where I focus more on how it makes me feel. But then I had Maci. For the first time, I felt thankful for my body. There was a moment after she was born that I stood in the hospital bathroom just before I took my first postpartum shower. I was only in my robe as I stared into the mirror. I almost remember it in slow motion because I had avoided a mirror for years, even throughout most of my pregnancy. Locking eyes with myself, I tugged the string and the robe separated a few inches. I froze for a few seconds before I let the robe fall down to the ground. And there I was. I saw me for what felt like the very first time, but after another few seconds, I closed my eyes. I turned around and walked towards the shower. This moment was just the beginning of my self-love journey. It doesn’t happen quickly. But it never would have happened had I not tried. 💗 #this_is_postpartum
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Strong. Brave. Empowered. Beautiful. United. MOTHERS. • There is something really special about uniting together on our Motherhood journeys, supporting and empowering one another despite how different we may be in all of our journeys as Mothers. • Motherhood is one of the most challenging experiences I have ever faced. I’ve struggled in my own journey of highs and lows as a Mother. I’ve walked through postpartum depression and anxiety. I’ve faced feelings of uncertainty and questioned my value and if I really am enough. The truth is, most of us don’t have a clue what we are doing and I think that really is what Motherhood is. At times we are too hard on ourselves focusing too much on what we are lacking, but what about what we are doing great and amazing! • Last summer, my daughter almost drowned. I blamed myself for a long time. Yet, my daughter, helped change my perspective. Anytime she talks about her accident she says with the biggest smile, “Mama, you SAVED me!!” Perspective is everything in parenting. You are valued Mama. You are loved. You are meeting the hearts of your children every single day. Hard days happen, but Mama, you are doing great! • There is something that bonds every single one of us as Mothers, and it is the incredible and overwhelming love we share for our children. We all understand that kind of love. That kind of love unites and empowers us to encourage and love on each other! Keep you doing YOU Mama. • Bra/undies: @kindredbravely #bravemomsunite #BraveMomAd #BeBravely #KindredBravely #Ad • Check out the Kindred Bravely website using my link and use discount code “PERFECT20” to receive 20% for those in the US
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